High Resolution Imagining for Early Diagnosis and Precise Dental Care

While digital radiography has been widely adapted in dentistry over the past two decades, newer generations of the technology have emerged that provide numerous advantages over original sensors and software.  Dr. Martin has incorporated the latest version of  this technology.  Compared to film based radiography, digital decreases the amount of radiation by at least two thirds.  Newer systems, such as the Dexis software Dr. Martin has incorporated, reduces exposure even more.

In addition, new digital images produce higher resolution and higher quality images than previous systems.  This enables Dr. Martin  to accurately diagnose caries and other oral conditions before they cause discomfort and become a larger problem.  Early diagnosis may also save patients time and money.

Finally, new generation sensors are thinner and more comfortable for patients than those made even just a few years ago.  The thinner sensors allow us to more comfortably image teeth in the back of your moth, including wisdom teeth.

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