Summer Dental Tips

June 21st marks the first full day of summer.  For many, the warm summer weather means participating more outdoor activities and sports.  Some have planned vacations.  And, when the weather really warms up, it means we need to stay cool.  Here are summer dental tips to help ensure you have an amazing summer!

  1. Quenching your thirst is important in the heat.  It helps you stay hydrated and prevents dry mouth, which can lead to cavities.   However, remember that sports drinks, particularly those with sugar are just as bad for your oral health as soft drinks.  Hydrate with plenty of water.
  2. Before the vacation for which you’ve carefully planned every detail,  be sure to take care of any dental concerns or problems.  Treating  a dental emergency during your  vacation will waste your valuable time away,  and make for an unpleasant trip.
  3. Though you  may not be playing team contact sports like football, other summer sports activities can come with the same dental risk.  A mouthguard can help prevent damage to teeth during a fall or accident
  4. We all love a cool, refreshing summer drink, which is often filled with ice.  Chewing on ice can chip teeth, break a filling or restoration, and cause other dental problems.